{Guest Post} A4 Paper Festival Inspired Round Up!


Hi there, I'm Emily from The Daily Smudge… I'm very happy to be here while Charlotte is busy with her new baby (hooray, so very excited for you!) It has been paper sculpture fever where I live in Sydney this past little while with the first A4 Paper Festival taking over the town. So, I thought it'd be appropriate to do a little round up here of some of my favourite paper artists/crafters of the moment (they're not intentionally all female - that's just the way it happened - sorry boys!)

#1 American sculptor Jen Stark wields a scalpel to create beautiful works that resemble rock formations more closely than piles of coloured paper. 

#2 Sarah Bridgland I discovered through Design*Sponge  awhile ago and fell in love with the exploding way of her works... like jack in a boxes of collaged loveliness! 

#3 Anna Willi Highfield is an Australian artist who creates beautiful animals from torn and stitched together paper. Her birds are so very fragile and beautiful. 

#4 Annie Vought cuts out letters (like snail mail letters) they are amazingly intricate and just gorgeous. 

#5 Lauren Clay's work is fun and textural and looks nothing close to evolving from sheets of paper which is a feat in itself i think.

#6 I only discovered Bianca Chang recently but am totally in awe of her carved paper letters. I've tried  to replicate (see here) and didn't even get close so now have even more respect for her talents! 

It was tough to stick with just 6... so many talented artists out there. Check out this book and this book if you are greedy for more. 

Thanks for having me Charlotte and a giant congratulations!!! 


Nel :

The animals made from torn paper are just fantastic.

Anonymous :

Sarah Bridgland's work is totally incredible. Thanks for sharing!!

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