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After a two week hiatus Creative Loves is back and with one of my most favourite creatives, Nerissa of The New Domestic… Nerissa is a graphic designer who works / lives in a little rancher in a seaside village outside Vancouver, Canada. She and her husband Peter have a blog called The New Domestic where they share their adventures in domestic living 2.0. and have recently launched their first line of products also named, The New Domestic featuring these gorgeous totes… As well as that Nerissa has recently designed these labels for a range of jams… Welcome Nerissa!

Can you tell me about your work space? We have an extra room in the house which we use as our studio/workshop. It's a fairly large room in front of the house with large windows bringing in a lot of natural light. In the studio, we have a cutting area, a sewing corner, multipurpose table, computer desk and a large bookcase to store all our collected books & magazines. It's a great and inspirational space and it's the kind of room where we are allowed to be messy and hang anything we want on the walls. No rules at all.

What about the products you design make there? The New Domestic is a homeware line designed for Domestic Living 2.0. Our first line of products are large heavy weight recycled cotton canvas tote bags with screen printed patterns. All bags have a diagonal pattern on the back for a two-in-one look. Whether it's going on a boating adventure, afternoon picnic or simply doing daily errands, our tote bags can fit all your daily essentials.

Have you always been creatively driven? I have always been creatively driven since I can remember. I graduated from Emily Carr Institute of Art + Design in Vancouver, Canada where I did my degree in Communication Design. While at school, I always admired the work & life of Charles & Ray Eames & Alexander Girard. I love their playful but yet intelligent way of telling stories through patterns, shapes & colours. I think a bit of my design aesthetic derives from my admiration towards their work. When I was on my 1 year maternity leave (yes, we do get a full year of maternity leave here in Canada!), I used to spend endless time sketching out patterns while my little one slept in my arms. Once my maternity leave ended and I needed to choose to either go back to my full time design job or work from home, I decided to stay home and continue to design, create and play. With all the patterns I doodled throughout the months, I thought it would be fun to choose my favourites and screen print them onto heavy weight canvas tote bags that would be perfect to use for your daily needs. These tote bags are our first line of products in The New Domestic Shop.

Please tell us about your current Creative Loves…
IllustrationMaija LouekariAndrew Groves and Marian Bantjes 
MagazinesAnthology Magazine

What inspires you, where do you go for ideas? I'm embarrassed to say the hours I spend reading all the lovely blogs out there. There are so many great blogs that are so inspiring! I also like gathering all things that inspire me in our home and online. I have a tumblr ( and use it as my inspirational mood board. It is a place where I gather all the goodies I find online. Whether it's a recipe, an interior space, pattern, shapes, colour, garden ideas… it's a nice mix of everything I love. But life itself is inspiring in so many levels. Driving around a country road and admiring big old barns scattered around or perusing vintage shops - the adventures of life and all the wonderful people we meet daily makes life all so inspiring and glorious!

What is a typical work day for you? I have a couple days a week that I have all to myself to work. That's when I really focus and get as much done as I can. On the other days when my daughter is not in daycare, the days are more laid back and I just squeeze in a little bit of work when she's napping or in bed at night. Though, I always find it difficult to work at night so I usually end up going to bed quite early and getting up in the wee hours of the morning when everyone is still asleep for a little work time. It's really the best of both worlds for me. I love spending all my days with my daughter Luna and being beside her as she grows & discovers the world. She's a pretty laid back and happy little girl and keeps herself entertained. So with all the housework that needs to get done during the day + going to the park & beach for some outdoor playtime - mixing work & play has worked out quite well for us.

What projects are you working on at the moment? I am currently experimenting with new products we are launching in late Fall for The New Domestic shop. So keep your eyes open for them! With my background in graphic design, I take on projects from some lovely people I meet. Currently, I am working on branding & packaging a new product for Butter Baked Goods as well as doing some branding for a local designer, Aloe Designs. I also had a pleasure working with story producer + stylist, Heather Cameron, of Missing Goat Farms to design labels for her collection of delicious jams & syrups.

What do you love most about what you do? Continually living a creative life where work, life and inspiration are all integrated.

What do you want to do in the future? Continue to grow The New Domestic brand.

Where are you happiest? When I am surrounded by people I love and admire.

Thanks Nerissa!


Diane :

I've been coveting a New Domestic tote for a while now - the trouble is choosing which one to get!

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