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This week I am introducing a new column to Lottie Loves called At home with... It will feature questions and answers with some of my favourite writers, creatives and all round interesting people from around the world, together with a sneak peek into their lovely homes... We are kicking things off with the very lovely Jodi of Che and Fidel... Here goes...

>> Hello, my name is... Jodi
>> I live in... Australia
>> I am a.... Muma, freelance writer and pre-natal yoga teacher
>> My home is a... Three bedroom split-level home with lots of light
>> My favourite part of our home is... The view. We look out to old gum trees. I especially love watching the rain fall down the tall trunks, noticing the bark change colour with the wet
>> My favourite room is... Our bedroom and our glorious kind bed. We currently co-sleep with Poet (my daughter) but on lazy afternoons and most weekend mornings you'll find us all there - reading books, drinking tea, talking about our day
>> My most recent purchase for my home was.. An old dining table from a 95-year-old cottage across the road. It has the patina of cutlery scratches and teapot burns
>> My favourite place to shop for home wares is... The op-shop! There are a few little boutiques close by that sell some gorgeous things too - but I only visit them occasionally
>> For me the most important thing about a home is... Family. When we're all home, I'm happy. I also love the calm that comes with simplicity - hence I de-clutter often and only fill our home with things that I love. 
>> A house is only a home when.... Ever I'm with you. Or so the song goes....

Here are some images of Jodi's lovely home, looking at them makes me feel instantly calm...

Thank you Jodi for sharing your home with us!

{Photography by Luisa}


Gemma :

Gorgeous as usual Jodi, you have created such a wonderful, happy, content home, love reading your posts x

last day of may :

totally sensing the calm with you. such a beautiful really seems to reflect jodi's philosophies and looks a lovely place to hang out! nice to find your blog too via che and fidel. hello and happy monday to you x

Lottie Loves :

thanks and welcome, i hope you will become regular readers :)

jody :

Gorgeous, such a beautiful home Jodi. x

jody :

Gorgeous, such a beautiful home Jodi. x

Ola :

Just beautiful, calm and peaceful. Her home reflects the same values that I hold dear. I found your blog through Jodi's, it looks gorgeous!

Rebekka Seale :

Oh, she is the greatest :)

Coryann Gwaltney :

There really is such beauty in simplicity. It truly is the best way to live!

Lottie :: Oyster and Pearl :

Wow, so beautiful.

Hello from one Lottie to another :) Nice to chance upon your blog. House tours are my favourite blog posts, so much so I've just done one of my own (heavily edited of course!).

Will definitely become a regular reader.

Lottie Loves :

hello another lottie, nice to meet you and hope to see you here more!

Clara Barbara :

Oh my God, what a wonderful discovery. Lottie, your blog is absolutely beautiful. Such inspiring and so lovely. I will come every day to read. Thank-you to Jodi for the link. And Lottie I'm new reader and new fan <3

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