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Today on At Home With we have the lovely Kellie of Dear Olive... I love Kellie's blog and envy her sunny beachside life, and her little home... Welcome Kellie!

>> Hello, my name is... Kellie
>> I live in... Bondi, Sydney, Australia
>> I am a.... costume stylist for film and television, a mum and a blogger
>> My home is a... Two bedroom flat in an old heritage listed Spanish building right near the beach
>> My most favourite part of my home is... This is a tricky question for me to contemplate right now, because we're thinking about moving house - and suburb, so today, my favourite part of my home is probably it's location; right by the beach. It's so amazingly beautiful, and the air is fresh and salty.
>> My favourite room is... My bedroom. Because it has the most lovely natural light. And a comfy bed that the whole family usually sleeps in. (Shane will laugh when he reads this answer because he thinks I love my sleep too much. Not possible, I say!) We cracked the jackpot last weekend when we were luxuriously able to stay in bed reading the paper - thanks to our 2 year old happily reading the pet barn catalogue for a good 20 minutes. Bliss!
>> My most recent purchase for my home was... Cushions. I've become obsessed with bright cushions. Shane works in film as a set decorator, so he's kind of in charge of the home decorating department. But soft furnishings (and art) are my domain.
>> My favourite place to shop for home wares is... Probably vintage stores (where I am quite a bit for work, so I often discover cool things tempting me to take them home). Shane brings home most of our furniture off film sets which is really great. My favourite thing he's brought home is our cow hide rug (from the movie Australia). It grossed me out at first, essentially being part of a cow lying dead on our living room floor (I didn't like to walk on it with bare feet!), but I adore it now.
>> For me the most important thing about a home is... Obviously it's the people in it. OBVIOUSLY. But also a comfy bed and interesting art on the walls. A cat to warm your lap in the wintertime. And a great tea set is an absolute must.
>> A house is only a home when.... It's filled with love and laughter. How super corny! But true.

And here is a look into Kellie's little home... 

Thanks for sharing your home with us Kellie!


little sleep :

Serious house envy!! Love it.

Little Paper Trees :

Love Kellie's blog too and can't beat the beach! x

You Are My Fave :

Can you please tell me where I can find a yellow side table like the one in the living room? I love it so.

Lizeylou :

I love Kellie and her gorgeous family - wish she would adopt me!!

::The Beetle Shack:: :

Kelly, what an awesome babe!

xo em

Liv Lundelius :

Her blog is so adorable! They have a lovely home, amazing to be right by the beach. I hope we will find such a nice place.

Liv Lundelius :

Her blog is so adorable! They have a lovely home, amazing to be right by the beach. I hope we will find such a nice place.

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