Happy Birthhday to me!


It's my birthday today so I'm taking the day off.... However, I will be back tomorrow with a Creative Loves interview with the fantastic Roddy & Ginger.... 

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hello milky :

Happy birthday lovely! Have a wonderful day :) xx

Lilli :

How fortunate that I found you on your birthday; hope you are having a happy one. August is a beautiful month.

painted fish studio :

happy birthday, lottie! i hope there is cake! xo

design Jessica :

Happy Birthday! Mine is tomorrow, Leo's are the best!

Cyn | decyng :

Happy birthday!! greetings from Argentina.

Peas and Needles :

Happy happy birthday! Hope you had a lovely day!!!!

domestikate :

Happy happy birthday!

Diane :

Happy birthday Charlotte, hope you had a lovely day!

dear olive :

Hip hip hooray! Happy happy happy day to you, hope it's filled with mountains of fun. Kellie xx

Nell :

hoorah! happy birthday lovely lady. hope it was filled with fun and yummy cake xx

Lottie Loves :

thank you all for the messages, i had a super lovely day!

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