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Today on Creative Loves we have Studio Meez... Studio Meez is one of my current favourite shops and I posted about their lovely Fruity Woollen Cushions last week...  Based in Belgium Studio Meez is run by a graphic designer, illustrator and knitter who prefers to remain anonymous... She makes birth announcements, illustrations and most recently scarfs, brooches and cushions... Welcome Studio Meez... 

>> Can you tell me about your studio space? At the moment I live in a small cozy appartment which is only 3 rooms big. My working space is situated almost everywhere, from the kitchen to the livingroom. Me and my love are renovating and I can’t wait to move and have my own workspace. But untill then this will have to do. It is a little bit chaotic since all my stuff is laying everywhere but I actually like to work that way.

>> Have you always been creatively driven? I suppose I have always been into art for as long as I can remember, when I was little I followed art classes and was later on lucky to get accepted in art school to study graphic design. When i discov­ered the wonderfull blogworld and all the creative people behind it, I thought “I want to do that to!”. From one came the other, first my blog and than my shop. I can’t imaging myself doing something other then creating.

>> What inspires you? I like to take long walks in the city and and imaging tiny friends and funny creatures that walk along with me. Inspiration can come from everywhere, a book I read, nature, my walks, looking at my old drawings that I made when I was a kid. Since there is Pinterest you can also find me browsing true images, it so addictive and a great source for inspirations. Though I try not to look too much at other artists, it’s important that what you create comes from yourself.

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>> What is a typical work day for you? I have pretty diverse days, each one is differant then the other. I tend to start the day early in the morning with checking other blogs, my mails and a big cup of coffee. Than it depends on what I feel like doing. I can draw the rest of the day or knit untill it is much too late and time to go to bed.

>> How do you approach each project you work on? Mostly I let myself lead by my feelings. Whenever something pops up in my head I need to draw it in my sketchbook that is always with me. Sitting behind my desk and starting to draw without any reason doesn’t work for me (yet) it has to be spontaneous. At this moment I’m in some kind of search stadium and trying out a lot of differant techniques. I love to work with waterpaint and pencil but lately I’m also doing some cut and stick work and I can’t live without my computer so there is also a little bit of photoshop, indesign and illustrator. I like to be versityle in my techniques so that they could be a never ending source of inspiration.

>> What projects are you working on at the moment? At the moment I’m learning how to work with a knitting machine. It’s a little bit of a dream to incor­parate my illustrations into my knittingwork. I still have a long way to go since it is not the easeast thing to do but I like it. I also do a lot of custom orders lately for people who want there own special brooche or necklace.

>> What has been the most interesting or exciting project you’ve worked on? Every project I’m working on is exciting for me. Everything I create is made with so much love and devosion that I can’t choose a specific one. I worked on my first collaboration with L’affiche Moderne which was very interesting to do and I hope I can do more collaborations in the future.

>> In terms of your work what couldn’t you live without? Do I have to pick one? I definitely can’t work without paper and pencils, my computer and my camera that is with me at all times.

>> What do you love most about what you do? To create all times and to work for myself. I also met so many wonderfull people through this and I hope I can meet a lot more!

>> What do you want to do in the future? To work hard, have fun and keep on creating!

>> Where are you happiest? I can’t think of any other place then home. Surounded by the people that I love and my two cats.

Thanks Studio Meez!


bellefleurdelis :

wonderful interview!!!

bellefleurdelis :

wonderful interview!!

wide-eyed-tree :

Great Interview!

Leen :

we live in the same city, but only know each other through blogging...nice to get to know her little better. Nice interview :-)

helensarahvaughan :

lovely interview, nice to know some more about you x

Hermine - Journal de jours :

She's the sweetest girl.

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