Weekly Loves & Happy Weekending


We've enjoyed a lovely week away this week on the sunny rock... To have a look see check out my instagrid or follow me @charlotteriversoflottieloves... Otherwise here are my weekly loves... Have a good one!

no.1 Love this No Place Like Home print from Studio Meez...
no.2 And this Orla Braids necklace from Bloesem Wears
no.3 What a very sweet nursery...
no.4 An Oh Deer screen printed notepad, I like!
no.5 Fancy some personalised Oar stationery?
no.6 Or this set of stamps... But I can't find the original source, anyone?
no.7 Red tinsel bakers twine...

See you Monday!


Lottie :: Oyster and Pearl :

Loved your Instagram pics! That bakers twine is lovely x

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