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I don't ever got too personal on this blog as I like to keep it about all the lovely things I find and the amazingly creative people that I interview, however, after a long week last week I had the day to myself yesterday with friends and on the way home I had the chance to listen to this great podcast by Grace... It is all about Work / Life Balance and how to disconnect. I related to so much of it that I figured a lot of you would too... 

As a mama and a wife with a researching role at a trends consultancy, a freelance writing career, a blog and a fairly busy social life, sometimes the balance just isn't right. Lately I have found myself feeling more and more stretched, trying to do too much and feeling like sometimes I'm not doing any of it very well. As Grace points out in her podcast we are so connected these days, the pressure to update, follow, read, keep up, not miss out, is immense and this is all alongside our actual lives that we lead offline. Sometimes it can get too much and for me it did a few weeks back so I decided to take a break from my blog. It was great, it gave me time to breath and catch up with a whole long list of stuff I needed do and come back to my blog refreshed. I also took a two week holiday without internet; no emails, no instagram, no twitter, it was heaven. If you are feeling a little like sometimes you get off balance too I highly recommend having a listen to Grace's podcast. I found it super helpful and reassuring and have decided that from now I'm going to drop the odd blog break into my life and I'm also going to try to disconnect more on the weekends...

You can find the podcast here... Thanks Grace!

{Above some pics from our life lately}


Nicole @ Alfies Studio :

I find it tough to let my needs and wants co-exist with each other to get any sort of work/life balance.
I AM a full time Mama to two pre-schoolers. I WANT to be successful in my attempt at branching out into the design world at large (designing stand alone off the shelf stationery and prints rather than client led projects). I HAVE to find a way to start making more money to be able to create the adventurous life for my children that I want them to have, for us to have as a family (which drives being more successful in business). I NEED to see my children grow up and be with them in the few precious years that they look to me alone for guidance in life.
I feel there is no work/life balance left as its all work and its all life at the same time. I guess our best hope is trying to rationalise the extra bits that are wanted and needed to some extent but can be done with out, even if that does mean kicking the serious pinterest habit and cutting back on blog reading and using everyday life as my research and development (have we all become too reliant on the www for our daily conversation and belonging?)...


I’ve been feeling just the same - in fact the other day I was saying just the same - doing too many things, but only doing half a job at them! My blog has been so quiet also. Glad you had some time away from it all. x

Lottie Loves :

nicole that is so true about the needs and wants and how to make them co-exist and i know what you mean about the www... i think the www has so much to offer but i also think sometimes it is too much and we need to focus on the here and now more... that's my aim at the moment anyway!

kerry, i think we all feel the same, i guess that is life as a working mama and while we wouldn't have it any other way it doesn't make it any easier (at times)


Laura Felicity :

What a lovely little post! It's so true as well. I think everyone goes through times where they find it hard to get a good balance of work and life, especially during Summer time. I'm definitely feeling this way at the moment...and I don't have children yet! I take my hat off to all you working mums who have to entertain your little ones on a full-time basis as well!...Inspirational! :) LF x

Danny G :

I too take my hat of to workIng mums everywhere, truly amazing in everyway.

My Name is JACY :

I absolute agree with taking your hats off to working women everywhere.

I have been blessed with opportunity to stay home with my son, even though I am divorced and it is hard enough. I did work full time there for a while... and it was so exhausting and rewarding and everything in the middle.

Sending you all lots of love, you're doing great :)

New here :) Glad I found you!


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