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Today on At Home With we have the very lovely Joanna of A Cup of Jo... What a treat... Welcome Joanna!

>> Hello, my name is... Joanna Goddard
>> I live in... New York, NY
>> I am a... Writer & Blogger
>> My home is a... Walk-up apartment
>> My most favourite part of my home is... Hmmm, tough question! If it's one object, I really love the cloud window shade in my son Toby's room. He has a sailboat mobile, and those two things combined remind me of the pirate ships sailing through the sky in the movie Peter Pan.
>> My favourite room is... Our bedroom. It's bright and cheery, and I spend a TON of time here, both working during the day and learning how to play guitar at night (my husband is teaching me).
>> My most recent purchase for my home was... Striped sheets from Unison Home.
>> My favourite place to shop for home wares is... John Derian. His store feels like a Paris flea market.
>> For me the most important thing about a home is... Filling it with people you love. We have a very "open door" policy, where friends know they can stop by anytime, and there's always a bottle of wine chilling in the fridge.
>> A house is only a home when...You feel truly comfortable. For years, I lived in apartments that just felt like a place to eat and sleep, and now I finally feel relaxed in my place. I've found that hanging family photos, creating some cozy spaces (think: a comfy bed, a stack of magazines) and just spending time relaxing there really helps. Housewarming parties really do help warm up a house!

And here is a little sneak peek into Joanna's beautiful little apartment...

Thanks Joanna!


Barren @ Clinton apartments :

Love the interiors of the apartments that have been showcased above they really seems to be great and inspiring.

Anonymous :

Lottie, this is a great interview--and I love all of your At Home With interviews and photos. How do you get such great photos of their spaces from around the globe? I'm fascinated with your process!

Happenstance :

This was great. Love Joanna. Love her walk-up.

Conversation Pieces :

What a lovely peek! I love the idea of having an open door policy... though that involves having a tidy flat all the time! ;)

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