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This week on at home with we visit the lovely Nell in Bath, England... Nell is a mama and writes the blog On The First Day of Marriage... Welcome Nell!

>> Hello, my name is... Nell
>> I live in... Bath, UK
>> I am a.... wife and Mama, who writes and knits for a living.
>> My home is a... A topsy turvy garden maisonette.
>> My most favourite part of my home is... The Georgian proportions; there are high ceilings, beautiful cornicing and huge sash windows throughout our whole flat. It's amazing to think of the families who lived here before us and how they spent their days. The grand fireplace and deep window sills nooks are my favourite period features though; perfect for growing herbs and flowers in the kitchen and as a cosy corner for reading in the nursery.
>> My favourite room is... Probably our huge living room. It houses our dining table, sofas and desk so really is the hub of our home where we spend most of our time. I love that no matter what we're doing we're in the same space, sharing laughs and chatting about what we're doing and how our day was. It's littered with photographs, favourite books, homemade cushions and a picture wall that includes framed anniversary cards from my husband, our wedding invitation, a sampler I hand stitched and illustrations by my artisitc sister and her boyfriend.
>> My most recent purchase for my home was... The sweetest little bird jug and a stack of vintage dinner plates that are from the same collection as the side plates I found in a junk shop last year. They're different colourways, but I prefer mis-matched crockery.
>> My favourite place to shop for home wares is... The charity shop. I love the thrill and adventure of wandering around and not knowing what you might find. I buy nearly all our bed linen, crockery and blankets in the local charity shops; I have an addiction to crochet granny blankets in bright colours.
>> For me the most important thing about a home is... Having somewhere to be yourself. Our home is always a little messy, with too much clutter on the floor and a to-do list that never gets shorter, but it's somewhere we can be our true selves. We're not fancy or precious about our things, we're just interested in spending time together and creating memories.
>> A house is only a home when.... We're together. As long as my husband Ben and baby daughter Josephine are with me, I'm home. 

And here is a little look around Nell's lovely home... 

Thanks Nell!


Lou Archell :

Beautiful, Nell, Phiney and her home... those blankets are just gorgeous! xx

Jodi :

Oh that family is one of the loveliest. Fabulous feature Charlotte x

bron @ baby space :

Love Nell's taste! Great feature.

Little Paper Trees :

how funny that we are both featured on Lottie's beautiful blog? I loved your home tour Nell! :)

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