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This is a new little column I'm thinking of starting called Blog of My Week... I've long picked a favourite blog and added it to the end of my Weekly Loves posts but inspired by one of the assignments I am doing for my Blogging Your Way Course Homework I thought I'd expand the idea and create a weekly column about my favourite blogs...

So I'm kicking off with the wonderful Hear Black...

Hear Black has been a favourite of mine for some time now... It chronicles the life of Nathan and Katie Williams (who also founded Kinfolk Magazine) through as series of beautiful photographs. There are few words (which I tend to like in a blog), instead you are asked simply to appreciate the beauty of the consistently stunning photography. Together, and sometimes with friends, they travel to some amazing places and document these travels in such a way that everything always look so peaceful and serene. I love that the blog has such a dreamy feel to it, it provides me with a little escape from the sometimes hectic nature of my life, so thank you Nathan and Katie for providing inspiration and calm...

My dear readers, do you have a favourite blog?

{All images courtesy of Hear Black}


Junglefrog :

That sure looks beautiful! I love images like that and will pop over to Hear Black now!

Lottie Loves :

you will get lost in the images, so beautiful, enjoy!

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