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A couple of weeks back I started a new column (feature) on Lottie Loves called Blog of My Week... Turns out it might be Blog of My Every Two Weeks, but hey, on a pretty regular basis I will post about some of my favourite blogs out there... So this week it is the turn of the hugely inspiring Weekday Carnival... This is a blog that I've been following for some time, now mainly because I am in love with the very simple, often stark, way that Riikka dresses her home... It is something I could never achieve and maybe that is why I love it, something to aspire to!

Around the posts she shows of her home you often see copies of her lovely prints which she sells in her shop RK Design... They truly reflect her home and you can see how her two worlds connect...

Riikka also creates some sweet little DIY projects like this one, a pretty paper garland just in time for the festive season...

So, thanks Riikka for inspiring me, and many others I'm sure!


Martine vianen :

Nice post, great weekend!

Martine vianen :

Nice Post, good weekend!

Milynn {Love + Whimsy} :

Love the paper garland DIY and she has such a beautiful home. I am looking forward to this series and finding new bloggers to get inspiration from!

Gypsy Lou :

Agreed! She is amazing. Have you seen her kids bedrooms? Just lovely.

Makisa :

Your blog is amazing and so is Riikka's! Her home is fabulous.

So pleased to have found you through BYW - I look forward to coming back often!

kittybaroque :

SUCH a pretty blog and post. I really like your colour sense and curation, the combinations and stylists you pic are really cool, LOVE! I amy get depressed about the lack of fabulousness in my home after reading your blog but I think it is UBER amazing* Blessings, kittybaroque (fellow BYW student)

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