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Today I start the Blogging Your Way course with the lovely Holly of Decor8... Before I signed up to the course I went back to my first ever blog post here on Lottie Loves to try and remember when I started blogging and why... I was surprised to see that it's been 2 and a half years and since then I've written over one thousand posts, wow! It has been so much fun blogging about all the gorgeous things I've found that I love (and I think you will love too) as well as interviewing all the interesting designers and makers I find for Creative Loves and having a sneak peek in the the homes of lots of gorgeous creative women (no men yet!) from around the world in my At Home With interviews.  I love my blog and am very proud of it but at the same time I really feel I could really benefit from the inspiration I will get taking part in a course like Holly's, not to mention all the other brilliant bloggers I will meet... I've already met lots of new blog world friends and hope to make more over the coming weeks, as well as learn lots of interesting stuff, it's exciting! If you're interested in signing up I think there might still be a few places left... Check for more info here...


Nic :

Hi Lottie, I am also on the BYW course, I've enjoyed finding your pretty blog through the tweets. I also considered using a blog milk template, i haven't gotten around to it yet but seeing how good yours looks i'm re-inspired!

See you in class, Nic

Little Paper Trees :

its going to be a busy but fun 4 weeks! #byw

Lottie Storey :

Oh, I'm so envious - kept meaning to sign up and now it's too late. Will have to hold out til March next year now!

Jamie :

oh so neat! something i see in my horizon...
how was it??

inconsistency rang the horse

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