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Following my pastel post on Friday I thought I'd follow up with this beautiful pastel based styling from Swedish stylist Linda Ahman... I haven't always been over keen on pastel tones but they are really growing on me and definitely providing me with inspiration for the decoration of our next home... See more from Linda here...


Nicole @ Alfies Studio :

This sounds sarcastic and it really isn't meant to... I'm not buying in to the pastels comment. You might not like to be the kind of person who would typically go for those colours, but really, take a look at your blog, they are in your soul!

Lou Archell :

There is something so calming about pastel homes. So long as it's not too sickly sweet. I like the buff tones in these that anchor the paleness! xx

Anonymous :

Charlotte, I saw your moodboard on flickr and I definitely had to stop by and say that your blog is lovely.

Perfect balance between the smoky pastel tones and the simplicity of black and white.

Fenny Setiawan :

I love these pastel images. And I tempted to try the washi deer on the wall for my self.I think that is the cute and pretty simple DIY project :).

Lottie Loves :

haha, point taken nicole! i guess what i meant was that when i thought of pastels i thought (as lou says) of sickly sweet colours, but if they are the right kind of pastels (more muted, dusty tones) mixed in with some strong blacks and whites then i like them! either way, i like pastels!

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