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When I set about the redesign of my blog with the lovely Ana of Blog Milk a few months ago I had quite a strong idea about the look I wanted to achieve... I wanted to create a blog that combined a simple layout with a soft, muted, dusky pink and grey colour palette on white... When I saw that my Blogging Your Way homework this week was to create a blog mood board I knew exactly what that mood board would look like, and here it is! I think it gives a really good feel for the inspiration behind the design of Lottie Loves...


fatfatsheep :


fatfatsheep :

Beautiful, wow!!!

Hege Sletsj√łe Morris :

It's fab!

kalanicut :

Nice job. I love how certain you are about your brand. Lovely gathering of images and colors.

satsuki shibuya :

what a beautiful redesign! congratulations!

pigeon pie :

Ana is amazing isnt she?! I love your blogs aesthetic, perfect choice!

Lykke :

Love the colours and the mix!

Melanie :

I'm taking the BYW class too and I loved this assignment. Your mood board is beautiful! I think our color scheme is going to be a little similar. :)

Happy Homemaker UK :

Lovely mood board with great design :)

Also a BYWer, XOLaura

Lottie Loves :

thanks all, glad you like... hello to the BYWer's too, really great course isn't it, I'm learning so much!

Fenny Setiawan :

Love the mute and nude color shades of your mood board. It is as nice as your blog design.

I ve been your readers for sometimes and I am so happy that now I am one of your classmate at BYW class.

Fenny Setiawan :

I am not sure my first comment went through or not, as the error message appear.

Just wanted to let you know again that I love your mute and nude color mood board as much as I like your simplicity of your blog design.

I am glad that this time I can be one of your classmate at BYW class.

Nina :

Fabulous board! Just clicked over from BYW and am really enjoying you blog.

beeldSTEIL :

Just came to say hello from BYW Bootcamp.
Your blogboard is very inspiring!

Lottie Loves :

thanks additional again all, glad you like!

Stacie Frazier - Haute Shots :

I just love your mood board from BYW! Your blog is super cool too! Glad to have found you!

Jacque Nodell :

Very inspiring! Everything is so tidy and elegant. Adding you to my Bloglovin' feed! ~Jacque from BYW

Jamie :

this is amazing... i'm totally looking to rebrand, and redevelop, and this was the sort of inspiration i needed.

glad it worked out for you!! the blog looks amazing!

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