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This week on Creative Loves we have the very talented and very creative Elisabeth of Fine Little Day... As she says herself Elisabeth does 'a little bit of this and a little bit of that' and it seems that whatever it is she does it is always lovely.. From bedspreads to blankets to bags she produces consistantly beautiful design goods... Based in Gothenburg, Sweden her aim is to inject some art and design in to everyones day 'for a joyful life'... Welcome Elisabeth

>> Can you tell  about your work space? My studio is located near the harbor in Gothenburg. It's an airy and light place with high ceilings, and skylights. Sounds fancy doesn't it. But it's rather plain place with kind of a rough finish, decorated with flea market finds. I've been there for about 4 years now and share it with some other designers these days.

>> Have you always been creatively driven? Even if I drew a lot as a child I was very unsure of my creative abilities. I've always thought creativity is interesting but I have not always been sure if I have the right to take the role as a creator. That feeling has come crawling.

>> What inspires you, where do you go for ideas? I love outsider art, naive art and children's art – That's what really gets me going. But I also like to strawl around at fleas and second hand stores to find inspiration.

>> Please tell us about your current Creative Loves...
Photography - Erik Wåhlström
Illustration - Kindra Murhpy
Graphic Design - Nille Editions
Home / Interiors - Lauritz
Blogs - Mieke Willems
Books - Woodstock handmade houses
Magazines -  Raw Vision
Shops - KIOSK

>> What is a typical work day for you? I ride around on my bike between the studio, home and other destinations. Respond to many emails, deleting many emails, writing many emails. I photograph a little, meet people in the studio, talking on the phone with costumers, thinking of new projects. Trying to slow down.

>> How do you approach each project? I use whatever I have around me. If I don't see something interesting I go down in the garbage room and look. Or I take the bike to the flea. I have no strategies, I end up in different positions and work patterns each time. It is often difficult, I have to struggle with myself, force myself to start working. Once I am over the threshold, things are more fun.

>> What projects are you working on at the moment? I'm working with a new collection for House of Rym. A fusion between a Tunisian company and Sweden – me and my colleague Anna Backlund. We are making rugs, porcelain and olive wood products. I'm also trying to think of a styling project for a Swedish kids clothes label I'm doing later this spring.

>> What has been the most interesting or exciting project you've worked on? Except for my own projects (I always love them most) I have really enjoyed working with the House of Rym-project. It's a pretty crazy story. A Tunisian couple contacted me and Anna in opposite directions (unaware that we share the studio together). They invited us to Tunisia because they wanted us to do "some patterns" for them. Once there Sesame open for us. This warm and sweet couple took us around on tour and showed us factories and local manufacturing facilities all over Tunis.  While we were there they asked what would we be interesting in doing for them? Well...maybe some porcelain? Half an hour later we stood in a porcelain factory. Rugs would be fun... A phone call later and we are at a rug company looking around. And so on. It all ends with Anna and me making a collection of wood, textiles, rugs and porcelain for them. We do not yet know what it all ends but we hope it will be good.

In terms of your work what couldn't you live without? My family.

What do you love most about what you do? The escape from reality.

What do you want to do in the future? I would love to become a house wife. But my kids are growing big now so the will not need me as much anymore. I do hope I will be a grandmother some day and help my kids to take care of their kids. Or maybe I could take care of other kids in some way. I would like to do some good, give love and help.

Where are you happiest? Together with my family, where ever they are.

Thanks Elisabeth!


Thank you so much for featuring me and my work at your great place Charlotte :)

Lottie Loves :

pleasure elisabeth, am a huge fan of your work so it is lovely to have you here :)

Gingiber :

I loved this feature! I've long been a fan of Fine Little Day and adored seeing Elisabeth's workspace :)

cardboardcities :

this post makes me SO happy! aaah so much love for everything!

Lottie Loves :

oh good, elisabeth creates such lovely stuff! laura, did you know you are our seventy tree giveaway winner?

Martine vianen :

Nice to see some one's place, and how see works. Thanks for this post.
Greetings Martine.

Lena@Minamoka :

Oh, I love her blog and her style - so nice to meet her here!

Piia :

Thanks for this interview,I love what she does,such a unique style and approach!

geraldine :

love Elisabeth Duncker's designs - I've got so much of her stuff at home - those cups for House of Rym, prints and all the stuff she designed for Urban Outfitters. Have a lovely weekend Charlotte and hope to meet soon :) x

Britt-Marie Oskarsson :

she really is one of the best...

Kickcan & Conkers :

A lovely, really interesting interview with a very special lady whom I had the pleasure of meeting in September. Thank you!

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