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This week we on At Home With we have the lovely Benita of Chez Larsson... I absolutely love Benita's home and the inspirational blog she writes... Welcome Benita!

Hello, my name is >> Benita
I live in >> A suburb in Stockholm, with my eighteen year old son Wille and our cats Mini and Bonus.
I am a >> Web coordinator by day and blogger by night.
My home is >> A split level 1950’s row house where I’m only the second owner which is pretty cool.
My favourite part of my home is >> So many things; how light is, all the fun different levels, the nooks and crannies, that the basement is so dry and warm, my friendly neighbors, that Wille can have his own floor. The list is endless.
My favourite room is >> The open plan living room, kitchen and home office. It’s where I spend most of my time blogging, relaxing and occasionally entertaining.
My most recent purchase for my home was >> A splurge. I finally got the Snow cabinets I've lusted over for years. I love how they made themselves right at home in my living room. I'm telling myself they were meant to be.
My favourite place to shop for home wares is >> Anywhere online. This fall I’ve had a shop crush on Kaufmann Mercantile.
For me the most important thing about a home is >> That it’s cozy. I make sure to warm up our mostly white interior with plenty of fresh flowers, candles, wooly blankets and fluffy pillows. Feet are allowed on the coffee table and so are cats.
A house is only a home when >> Wille, Mini and Bonus are happy and comfortable there.

And here is a sneak peek inside Benita's lovely home...

Thank you Benita!


Susan :

Thank you for featuring Chez Larsson - I enjoy her blog so much, and the helpful tips and practical ideas Benita shares.

And now I'm enjoying this visit to your blog, which is new to me. I think I might get lost in my browsing!

Figs & Rosemary :

Love Benita's blog, just too bad, part of the pictures are Benita's old house.
But I love the style anyway!
Cheers from Poland!

Lottie Loves :

Hi Rosemary, thanks for reading but I just wanted to clarify these images were taken in Benita's house last weekend and so are definitely of her current home :)

Figs & Rosemary :

Whoops, my bad:) I forgot Wille has his floor too:) Thats where the all the extra stuff went:)

Benita :

Yes, these are brand new images which I just took a week ago with my new camera :)

marcia :

Cool! Now i know your blog too, Lottie!

marcia :

Cool! Now i know your blog too, Lottie!

Lisa :

Lovely feature! Benita's blog is my first stop each morning!

paula :

we all love benita! nice blog you have, nice meeting you!

paula :

we all love benita! she has an amazing eye for vintage stuff and making her home lovely! you have a lovely blog. nice meeting you!

Marjory :

Love all the little details and the quality of light in this space! Lovely.

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