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Hello friends... Sorry for the radio silence round here, I've had my hands full of life stuff and sadly the blog is something I just haven't found the time for of late... However, I'm going to try to pop in to this space a little more often starting today with the latest issue of the wonderful UPPERCASE magazine...

This issue is a Special Stationery Issue and features a couple of articles I wrote; an interview with the very lovely Tonje and Ingrid of Darling Clementine (wonderful Scandinavian designers) and a round-up of the UK stationery industry featuring some of the best stationery designers in the UK today...

As a bonus to readers this issue also includes a FREE online stationery guide which is well worth checking out... And if you don't already, you can subscribe to the magazine here....

Enjoy my friends!


Gabrielle :

I bought a copy a couple of days ago and absolutely love it, your articles are fab, as is the whole magazine!

juni // hej juni :

yay so glad to see a blog update! I'm a big fan of your writing :) this magazine looks so gorgeous, getting this issue right away.


Mililicoo :

Cela fait plaisir de vous relire. En attendant un nouveau post. Bonne journée.

Mililicoo :

We can read this also on the web site of Bloesem. Really sorry for my english..

sara (moshimoshiii) :

it was the first time i bought uppercase and i looooveeed. your articles rocked! congrats

Lucy :

Lovely to have you back - I totally understand not getting enough time to write blogs... I just can't keep up with life at the moment!
Love Uppercase mag, and I think I might just ask for a subscription for my birthday :)

emily :

Oh wow, I LOVE this issue. I thought you may have had something to do with it.. stationery guru :-)

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